[Allure Korea] Sustainable beauty, from Stella McCartney to OPEN PLAN

Sustainable is Beautiful

 Allure Korea, March 2020

We’re featured in the March 2020 issue of Allure Korea, which was their 200th special edition.

“The present of sustainable fashion, and with the smart and beautiful things that will make us sustainable!”

Pursuing sustainable fashion, each brand expresses their aesthetics in a variety of their own approaches, like role players.

* Here are Allure’s category for sustainable fashion: BEGAN THE VEGAN / FUR FREE / FAIR TRADE / REBIRTH PLASTIC / UPCYCLING GOODS / PLASTIC FREE

And we, OPEN PLAN was introduced for PLASTIC FREE

However as you might know, we’re not just doing plastic free. With Allure’s keywords, I’m going to talk about our sustainable practices here.

– BEGAN THE VEGAN | No pain of any other lives can be justified for our beauty. So OPEN PLAN pursue vegan fashion. More importantly, unlike other vegan fashion brands, OPEN PLAN work for plastic free as well. Because we hope to help the healthy ecosystem with reducing artificial fibers and chemical materials.

– FUR FREE | As a vegan, fur free is natural. On top of that, OPEN PLAN prohibits the use of any animal material from fabric such as wool and silk, as well as to sub-material such as horn button and shell button.

– FAIR TRADE | We purchase materials at fair prices and make clothes at fair wages. And we don’t cross the ocean to make clothes cheaper hoping to minimize carbon emissions by reducing distance and frequency required for production. We work with our old partners in Korea, as believing this holds up the sustainable local living.

– REBIRTH PLASTIC | While I object to the disposable single use of all resources, recycled polyester is also plastic after all. It is thought to be only a moment’s delay in disposal, and nothing is fundamentally better. Indulgence in the use of plastics that can be given by the use of recycled polyester can eventually encourage the production of new plastics. So OPEN PLAN limits the use of any polyester even though it’s recycled.

– UPCYCLING GOODS | Unlike most of the up-cycling brands, we also look for plastic free and vegan even when we do up-cycling. It’s important for us to eliminate possibility of the micro plastic issue during use and after disposal of clothing.

– PLASTIC FREE | We can live a rich life thanks to plastic. But spending too much and too quickly are the big problems. In our daily lives, excepting in the essential field such as medical and scientific, we have to try to find alternative materials, even if they are a little slow and uncomfortable. We must not take our ecosystem hostage for beauty. So we OPEN PLAN put the plastic free in one of our most important values.

The role of the word, Sustainability

I’m afraid it’s like the whole world is literally breaking down these days.

Corona, which literally meant pretty halo around the sun or the moon, has turned out our daily lives into disaster movies.

Was this in your script?

 Or not?

How will this episode end? What is the next? What should the main character do for a happy ending now?

Sustainability, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Fashion,,,

I think these words will play an important roles for the future hero facing an emergency. What do you think? please let me know.

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