Planting Future ๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒฒ | Forest Restoration


April 5th is Arbor Day in Korea.

Sadly, there was a big forest fire in Gangwon-do, in this Arbor Day.

Flames fanned by a steady wind quickly and fires were raging out of control. It was very frightful. And we promised to plant 1,500 trees to restore forest. We tried to find an expert to do it, we could meet Tree Planet.

Last Saturday, we went Gangwon-do to keep our words.

The mountains were black naked. Even over 100 year-old trees also died from the fire.

Tree Planet prepared pine and sand pear. Pine grows well in Gangwon-do and sand pear is strong against fire.

Can you see a very thin stick with green leaves in upper right of the picture? It is 3 year-old pine. We need at least 100 year-long time to have the very forest we had.

9 months have already passed this year. Will 100 years pass quickly as well?

How to plant tree

I wanted to remember this day.

Because I fell little bit proud to be where a better future started from. And now I hope the trees I planted this day, the trees I’m going to plant in the future, will absorb more carbon than what I’ll have released.

Also thankfully our name, OPEN PLAN is listed on the signboard.

I know it’s not enough to just to plant few trees. But I hope our small efforts can be a powerful force of good to my neighbors and my Mother earth. Then maybe, we might face really better future. What do you think?

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