It all started with a film, Plastic China

It all started with a film, Plastic China

What made us do OPEN PLAN?

 I think I’ve answered this question several times. If I can answer it again here, a chinese film got us started.

Plastic China (2016) by a Chinese director Jiu-Liang Wang was about people living in Shandong province in China where many plastic disposal factories are located. It was heartbreaking for us to watch children eat and play on top of the garbage mountains and parents being hopeless. It was for sure, a devastating reality that plastic wastes, even nicely separated to be recycled, don’t really get recycled but just dumped in somewhere on this planet. Recent crisis of not disposing recycled plastics properly in Korea was definitely a relevant issue. However there was another thing that made us feel even more painful. It was the fact that us too, had been creating pretty wastes and living without much of awareness about it.

Few weeks ago, I visited Beijing for new season’s media preview of i.t China. It was just 2 day long travel, but it was enough for me to come up with our original intention.

On my way to hotel, I could feel some different atmosphere from last visiting about 2 years ago. I saw several campaigns about environmental issue, dolphins, air pollution, and etc. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. Because something eco-friendly in China, in Korea as well, seemed distant to me that time. But now, it became an important issue in our daily life. Activists and government start to move. How about fashion industry?

During short trip, sadly, it’s hard to feel change in chinese fashion. And just dropped by some small but interesting boutiques, TRIPLE MAJOR and White was Good Shop. TRIPLE MAJOR’s concept was Chinese traditional pharmacy and they have goods of their concept. Also they had BLESS, Lemaire, Cosmic Wonder, Walter Van Beirendonck, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, and Yang Li. In contrast, White Is Good Shop was full with something white. Their name was their concept. I didn’t remember the labels there now, but they were in harmony with its atmosphere.


Our last stop was a small gallery in Sanlitun, Beijing. For celebrating new season’s media preview of i.t China, we had an interview with them. Thankfully we could talk about our stories for chinese people. Also got good inspiration while talk.

Our history for sustainability is just beginning. All the more reason for a beginner to look for friends to go with. Does nationality matter to make friends? And when we talk about anything eco-friendly, does the country matter? The answer may be ‘no.’ From space, the earth has no borders between country. We all need each other. Because there is no planet B for us.

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