At [PANDA Talk] hosted by WWF-Korea, Lee Ok-sun, an OPEN PLAN designer, presented the theme of "Environmental Sustainability in the Fashion Industry."

Under the theme of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), the practice of government, industry, academia, the public, and consumers alike is important, and each entity introduces the efforts that can be made from the perspective of the LCA.


Live interview with the artists about the exhibition, Tong's Vintage. You can find our behind story for OPEN PLAN's upcycling collection, Guest Etiquette, here!


The first lady, Kim Jeong Sook, visited the museum. With talking about her clothing in a sustainable way, she spoke OPEN PLAN's message aloud, thankfully. 

OPEN TALK :-) Sustainability with IKEA!

WE met IKEA KOREA who collaborated with the OPEN PLAN on WWF KOREA's sustainable fashion project <Re:Textile>. We talked about IKEA's dream of a sustainable future.

OPEN TALK :-) with Bandana Tewari

OPEN PLAN talked about sustainable fashion with Vogue India senior reporter Bandana Tewari at the 2020 Helsinki Fashion Week designer residency.

OPEN TALK :-) with Le Sapping, The GoodGoods

I recorded a podcast with the French channel Sustainable Fashion, The GoodGoods. Before Impact Week, it became one of the brands that their SNS account followers voted for. Ask and answer questions about this and that to the OPEN PLAN. From OPEN PLAN's history to dream collaboration _  Le Sapping, The GoodGoods

OPEN TALK :-) Seoul Fashion Radio, which is good to listen to after lunch

OPEN PLAN was introduced to the story of fashion and life that men in five cities continue. Like a spoon on an open plan story, I put pictures and comments on what I want to explain and what I want to participate in the chat together. If you have any more questions, please leave a comment.

OPEN TALK :-) with Mandali Mendrilla

OPEN PLAN during HFW 2020 Designer Residency in Discussion with Mandali Mendrilla.

OPEN TALK :-) with Studio PMS

OPEN PLAN during HFW 2020 Designer Residency in discussion with Studio PMS.

OPEN TALK :-) with Lottie Pang

OPEN PLAN during HFW 2020 Designer Residency in discussion with Lottie Pang.

OPEN TALK :-) Helsinki Fashion Week 2020

OPEN PLAN during HFW 2020 Designer Residency.



Found Ya! Sustainable _ Sustainable Ethical Fashion Hub

OPEN INTERVIEW :-) by Naturalmag

Naturalmag's interview film

OPEN SPEECH :-)  Speech for Positive Fashion at IMPACT

We're who consider earth, who wants to be kind to every kind, and who pursue sustainable fashion. SUSTAINABLE fashionable ETHICAL poetical. 

2020. Jan. 18 IMPACT, Paris


OPEN COLLABORATION :-) Sustainable Fashion Project <Re:textile>

With WWF KOREA, we proceeded with the sustainable fashion project Re:textile. OPEN PLAN designed the upcycling collection using stock products such as curtains and blankets provided by IKEA KOREA. The campaign video was made with actor Bae Doo-na's voice talent donation.

OPEN COLLABORATION :-) Re:Textile fantasy film

Happy to unveil a BLOCKBUSTER SUSPENSE SUSTAINABLE FASHION PROJECT FANTASY FILM for the new project! As you know, we’re designing using @ikeakr ’s pillow, sheets and curtains as a part of the Sustainable Fashion Project of @wwfkorea Re:Textile ✂️


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