Human before clothes

We focus not only on the esthetics of a clothing itself but the designs that make ‘human’ stand out. Sustainability precedes ‘looks’.

Good things

We like things that are elegant, sustainable, well being, and eco/human friendly. We are also fond of things that have positive impact on the future well-being.

At Helsinki Fashion Week 2019
At Helsinki Fashion Week 2019
At Helsinki Fashion Week 2019
At Helsinki Fashion Week 2019

Our efforts

We work hard to develop materials which are eco/ human friendly. On the process of designing, we always carefully examine the essence of what we call “beauty”. We always look for ways to make this a better society, and ways to protect our earth.

Our style

Open plan seek for relaxed and smart life. Based on classic elegance, we pursue modern style. This keeps our designs simple and basic, not overpowering. We make stylish clothes for now and even years after, our clothes will still remain stylish. We’ve always wanted to meet someone who notices these long efforts of ours. Now it’s a pleasure to meet you.

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