Along the Wind

Pictures of a trip to the southern island a few years ago, which I found while browsing through my old photo folders, inspired me to start this collection of wind. 

Moving and energetic, the wind, as if it were alive, goes over the lines on the map or the walls on the ground without a hitch. In the words, 바람, tuuli, wind, and ⻛ whatever we use, they are something invisible but powerful, which is also used for expecting and longing for social changes that is driven by power of many people. 

We've never been so close in this world before. We know closer about SNS friends opposite side of the earth than 서연, Sofia, or 秀[Xiu] who lives in our next-door. However, even though our distance nears, hatred and quarrels are more prevalent than ever in all parts of this planet. 

As pursuing sustainable fashion, we're naturally becoming more and more determined to create a positive collection. Wind is soft but strong, also it cannot be caught but it sculpts hard rock. We tried to design a free and outspoken collection thinking of the nature of wind. 

- MATERIALS We use linen, organic cotton, lyocell and cupro for the fabric. Nut button is the key material which adds point to our design. And we could have plastic free 99% and vegan collection. For this collection, we will be happy for doing it again, with natural fibers, no plastic zipper, no plastic buttons, and nut buttons in greige as well.

Helsinki Fashion Week 21SS Digital Fashion Show

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