Dear Friends,

Hope you’re doing well.

Our mind for this season is not the same as before. It was no longer possible to find comfort and inspiration in nature for the collection. Hugs & kisses with friends became poisons now, and not visiting family became the way to express our loves. Can we go back?

I don’t think we could ignore the depression, anxiety, and loneliness from this isolation we’ve never experienced before. Instead, we’re going to listen quietly to what earth says and prepare for a better world after everything has passed.

While preparing for the collection, we played Bob Dylan’s music in our design studio. And we could get comforted by his voice singing and hoping the changes of society. I know it’s not time to enjoy a rock and roll party. Just realized how grateful to the ordinary rocks, rivers, and the sky around us.

Many things are changing, but our beliefs have not changed. I would like to say that we’ve replaced the polyester lining with cupra lining in a persistent effort not to use plastic. It wasn’t easy to design a collection without the use of wool as well as animal fur/leather and fake fur/leather, which is actually plastic, for the Fall/Winter collection. So we were required to design with all our hearts for 100% Vegan and Plastic Free. Grateful to heavy corduroy and cotton velour for being our


Let’s keep warmness for all living being on this planet just in our hearts. For the season, fall and winter, let’s keep them cooler and colder as they’d been.

Thank you and have a good day. 


Ok Sun

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