Father's Garden

While designing our last collection, The Intention of the Land, we seemed to be  closer to Land naturally. We could learn a very certain thing: Land is the beginning and the ending of living creatures. Hoping to keep our enquiring mind on Land drove us to design this further collection.


<Father’s Garden>


For the coming season, my father’s small garden practically provided a good approach to Land. Land shared by grasses and flowers having diverse beauties in all around  the year and joy of physical labour for every day’s freshness are what we wanted to tell you. Hope to enjoy the richness of nature in our daily lives with our collection.


Pursuing plastic  freer collection, Bemberg for lining is our new practice. And we  found nut button in greige worked well on almost all colors. It will encourage us not to dye sub-materials while designing now and in the future. Also, as substituting organic cotton  for conventional cotton more, we appreciate our works for designing sustainable still fashionable.

Green, we always have for our collection since one day, with Orange of shining Sun, Terracotta of southern somewhere, White of bright clouds, Blue of sky and sea. For saying nature, for resembling nature.


Oversized shirts keep cool and cargo pockets are designed to be good with our father’s work wear. So you could stand by your father anytime. Dresses and blouses are designed while admiring wild flowers. We want to have jersey two-pieces for always easy being still stylish. No need to show for others, but enjoy 

the present for oneself.

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