Paradise, where we live in


Paradise, where we live in is a limited edition. 

And we’re universe as humans for a very limited time. 

Tell us about the paradise you dream. What does a beautiful life mean to you? To tell the truth, it doesn’t take very much to make our life happy. Just to be here just the way you are. Just to live present with your loved ones. That’s it. We believe these will shape the life around us with such grace and beauty. And we want to be with you at your happy moment. 


Cropped linen jacket with mini skirt for a contemporary modern look, soft cardigan and top for easy styling everyday, and half-sleeve shirt with cool attitude will be the great choice in your beautiful life. 

<Material and Process>

As always, we prioritize using organic cotton, Tencel, and linen for the collection. Also to have more botanical dyeing process rather than ever. For the reason of less water and energy, we digital print for all our graphic work on organic cotton tee-shirt. 


The smallest part of our practice forward to sustainability in our collection might be corozo nut button. Yes, the nut you say when you feel hungry between the meals. But you cannot eat this button no matter how you are so hungry. 

It naturally have ivory color and soft textures like fingerprints. This sophisticated texture and color can never be manifested from plastic buttons. And this nut, corozo falls down from tress after being fully ripe and this is the best moment for manufacturing buttons. We no need to cut down trees.

<Color and Texture>

For this season as well, we want to have a color palette that resembles nature. And they are Cloud White, Sky Blue, Sand Beige, Grass Green, Trunk Brown, and Summer Night Navy. Hope you enjoy our collection with inner peace from nature!

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