move, love, sing, dance, and live


Dear Friends, How are you there?

Still here, pandemic situations remain, thankfully, we’re doing well. However, whenever we hear the news of drought, floods, and forest fires around the world, our hearts ache. And we guess we’re not making ourselves happy when we’re the only ones who’re fine. It seems that what we can do to save the happiness of the world is too weak. But we tried to prepare the coming season with the heart of adding even a small amount of strength to make this world beautiful.

While we designed, we thought contemporary, casual, and conscious, with a hope to be easy to reach you. Cropped cotton jackets with wide pants or pleats skirt for a modern attitude, easy but cool cardigans for a feminine look giving an edge to your daily life, and simple dresses which will naturally harmonize with other items in your existing wardrobe. 

<Material and Process>

For this season as well, we worked hard to design a plastic-free vegan collection. Because we hope you just enjoy a beautiful season with forgetting a worry about the microplastic issues even for a while. As always we used nut buttons, which were made from corozo nut. And hope you could start or finish your day with a relaxed breath while slowly closing or opening nut buttons. For graphic artwork, we say digital printing is our answer. It uses water and energy less, and also generates waste less rather than silk screen printing. Star-like Sun, Flower-like Cloud, and Conical-like Tree are what we draw. Oh, Cats sitting on each other’s back are together. We’re planning to love you nearby you. 

<Color and Texture>

Living in the city, we feel like we’re too far away from nature. But if we look around, we can meet nature nearby. What is necessary is just to look for and approach it. We have Evergreen of old forest, Sky blue of a cold day, Soil-brown of thick fallen leaves for the color palette, which will go well with the nature that will surround us this fall/winter. Several check patterns, corduroy, and knitted rib fabric will make you feel soft and warm. Now you wear and move, love, sing, dance, and live this season! 

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