For SS22, we thought of the beautiful and grateful little things in our daily lives. Over the past two years, our lives have changed a lot, and this change has become a familiar picture to us now. The spread of pandemic around world and depressing news make us gloomy, but the sun still rises brilliantly and the cool wind blows our hair. Warm spring will soon return and the world will be covered with fresh green and small grass flowers. Truly hope to enjoy the lovely season with our loved ones and share stories that we haven’t talked about so far all night.


Of course, OPEN PLAN’s mission for Plastic-free Vegan fashion continues this season. Plastic-free 98% and Vegan 100% collection is our basis since 2020. This collection was designed with a priority on the use of linen and hemp which have less impacts on the environment, organic cotton grown without pesticides, and TencelTM made by eco-friendly process. When printings were needed, we worked with digital printing, which generated less waste and used energy efficiently. As usual, the collection was designed to open the clothes only with nut buttons without using zipper, so please don’t rush and enjoy your time.


The green of the vibrant grass and trees, the blue of the clean sky and endless sea, the earth tone from the black soil of the forest to the sand by the river, and the orange light of the sun rising and setting with the beautiful sunset. These are the colors of natrue that inspire us even in 22SS. We hope these colors could comfort your daily life.

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